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It is apparent how even ordinary people are wearing real hair extensions to switch hair style every now and then, from one event to another. I couldn't blame them. Because why not!? hair wigs are trendy, more common, and accepted already these days. Its not only the celebrities who can rock different hair styles because even commoners like us who also wants to achieve several hair styles every now and then can now wear wigs too. Because it is already trendy and everyone is doing it, we all have the perfect excuse and reason to wear one now.

 And today, from a million different online shops available on the internet I found a great shop that supplies one of the best quality hair products like wigs and extensions, Besthairbuy. Here I have some incredible natural human hair wigs that I am sure you girls would probably love to try. These wigs are made from natural virgin hair which basically gives you the most natural looking wig ever. Besthairbuy, an online shop that sells premium quality wigs and other hair products also supplies remy clip in hair extensions. 
Clip In Remy Hair Extensions #1 Jet Black
3 Bundles Deep Curly Brazilian Hair 300g
Besthairbuy also supplies other types of wigs and extensions that we can choose from. If you are not a fan of clip in hair extensions then perhaps you might like human brazilian hair or the U Part wigs. Depending on which you are more convenient wearing,  they definitely have options for us. 

#1B Straight Remy Hair U part Wigs

If you know me, I am a huge Youtube fan and I watch a ton of youtube video everyday. Literally, like a TON. It's a bad habit because I actually tend to just sit and watch all day. And I see a lot of beauty gurus and even lifetsyle vloggers talking about their extensions. And I can really say it doesn't look fake at all. If they have not mentioned, I probably wouldn't know. Even celebrities rock wigs and they are proud of it. Commoners started to try the trend and whenever I see youtube videos, I get really surprised how common extensions are nowadays.

I might have to try one day and see how I look like with a wig. I really want to try but sad thing we don't have quite the experts here from where I live so I'm quite hesitant yet. I might have to actually purchase one online perhaps in Besthairbuy and install them myself. I probably would need to watch a ton of youtube videos to learn how. I am not so meticulous with hairdo so I think styled wig and extensions would really be convenient for someone like me. I won't bother stressing my arms out while styling my hair or burning my fingers whenever I curl or straighten my hair using heat. Using Real hair extensions with Besthairbuy, I can instantly achieve the look I want effortlessly. I also won't need to rebond, bleach or color my hair and damage them right after. I will definitely save tons of money! hmmm.. Now I have gotten really curious. I might really have to try someday. 

What do you guys think? Would you want to try a wig or extension? or have you already tried one? how does it feel? I really wanna know. Leave them on the comments down below, would love to read your experiences! Also leave your blog urls so I can visit you as well.
Till my next post! have a great day!


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