White Summer Soles

Hey loves! I'm back at window shopping again on several online stores. I've been sitting here in front my laptop, seeing tones of beautiful items for hours! (crazy!).  I know it's pretty addicting and tempting but I just couldn't resist.
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white sneaker by emmerey
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So I decided to share my top summer picks for you guys. For today, I've been eyeing on these pretty white shoes and sandals that I thought are perfect for this hot season! If you've notice lately, the white sneakers trend has been going on and I think it wouldn't be ending any time soon. Summer season will pretty much be all about white sneakers and sandals too! These lovely shoes are all from Romwe (which is by the way one of my favorites ever!). In case you wanna grab them just click at the product links of your favorite items.

And since I am obsessing over these wonderful pairs of shoes and sandals, I decided to make sets to give you some inspiration on how to style or wear them for this summer! 

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Summer is the perfect time to flaunt printed tops and dresses. I wanted to make a boho-chic vibe so here, I decided to go for tribal print dresses to pair the lovely summer sandals. And it looked perfect!

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Lately, basics have been on trend than ever before. And basic includes a good denim and comfortable stripe dress. And when I saw these amazing items at Romwe, I immediately clipped them because I thought they would look great with these pairs of shoes and sandal! And it really did look great! Perfect for a casual sunny day!

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For a party at the beach or a night summer party, both these dresses will surely make heads turn especially when paired with this gorgeous gladiator sandals. You can never go wrong with a striking white strappy sandal like this. It surely goes on with any look.

As you can see, I chose to pair the lovely shoes and sandals with equally amazing and comfortable trendy summer dresses! I have a thing with dresses lately, which maybe because it is summer? (idk) But I guess that is all for today, I hope you like my sets! I've spent hours to make them! lol but I enjoyed so much! You can follow my Polyvore account (here) to see more lovely sets! 

See you on my next post!
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