Wedding Guest Style And Fashion Tips

In no time at all, wedding season will be upon us. So you need to use this time to find a fabulous outfit for all those weddings you’ve been invited to. Unless stated otherwise by the couple, jeans and t-shirts are not appropriate for a wedding. So this is your opportunity to find a knock-out outfit that makes you look and feel fabulous. But finding an appropriate wedding guest outfit is not always easy. To nail your wedding guest look, here are some style and fashion tips that can help.

Consider the location
Once you receive your invitation, use Google Maps and search for the venue’s that are being used for the ceremony and reception. This should give you some useful insight into what suitable clothing and footwear you should choose. If it’s on a beach or in a forest, it might get cold or rain during the wedding. Plus it might be difficult to walk due to the uneven terrain. If the ceremony is being held in a church or religious venue, short, sexy dresses might be frowned upon. The invitation might also include an indication of the dress code the couple wants everyone to abide by. Knowing this information should influence the style of dress you choose to go for. While also saving yourself from any embarrassment.

Choose colour carefully
The couple’s wedding photographs will be hung up on their walls for years to come. So you need to choose a color that doesn’t wash you out. Try on a range of different colors to find one or two that suit your skin tone. This will give you a healthy glow, rather than making you look unwell. Choosing the right color is important as it will influence the shoes, bag, makeup and accessories you choose too. If you are attending multiple weddings this year, choose a color that is versatile such as red or blue. These colors can be paired with different accessories and colors to create an entirely new outfit each time.

Wear comfortable shoes
It’s no secret that wedding days are long. They can start in the morning and go on well into the early hours. So wearing shoes that are a combination of style and comfort. Choosing a beautiful pair of heels that you can’t walk in or that hurt your feet is not ideal. Look for mid heels or wedges instead of skyscraper heels. These will give you a chic and formal look while also being far more comfortable to wear. Alternatively, take some ballet flats in your handbag that you can change into when your feet start to hurt. This will be extremely convenient and lets you continuing dancing with the bride and her wedding party all night long. Just make sure they suit your chosen outfit.

Remember, under no circumstances should you wear white to a wedding. It will just look like an attempt to upstage the bride. Choose an outfit that suits your personality, fits well and feels amazing to wear. That way you can’t go wrong.


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