Say Cheese! Looking Sensational In Photographs

Research has shown that we take more photographs than we ever have in history! With the advent of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more, the “selfie” is king. Many people take several photographs a day of their makeup, surroundings, friends, and even food. There has become an almost obsessive desire to record and share our daily lives. But even if you’re not a hardcore “selfie” fan, there will be times when you what to look your best in photos. It might be during a special occasion such as a birthday, engagement, or graduation. It might be something as casual as a friendly reunion for coffee or pizza. But if your picture is going to be taken, you’re hoping to look good. Photographs can form the basis of wonderful memories and keepsakes. If you have something coming up when you’re likely to be photographed, try these easy to follow tips to look your best.

Take Care Of Your Teeth
A winning smile can be what makes a good photograph great. Smiling helps us to look relaxed, friendly, and in the moment. Many people list a smile as their number one attractive quality! Clear braces such as Invisalign can straighten our teeth almost invisibly if we are self-conscious about braces. But a clean, strong smile with healthy teeth is always attractive whether our teeth are perfect or not. Many people agree that thinking of something genuinely happy or funny is the key to a sincere smile.

Excessive posing or pouting can look even more exaggerated on camera. There may be times when posing in an outfit or with a group of friends looks great. But if we’re going for a timeless, friendly quality then the more relaxed we are, the better. Cameras can pick up even small, nuanced movements so try to check that you’re not holding any tension in your body. The hands can be a real give away! Take a deep breath. Think happy thoughts, and stand up straight but not too tense. Your pictures will instantly improve.

Avoid SPF
On a daily basis, applying sunscreen is one of the best things you can do for your skin. But if you’re being photographed in the evening or with a camera flash, avoid any products with SPF. We may not realize, but many foundation, powder, and blush products contain SPF. When the camera flashes, the SPF particles flashback. This creates a kind of ghostly white flash in our pictures, and almost never looks good. Where it is safe to do so, skip the SPF and you will look more natural in photographs.

Choose Timeless Makeup
We often choose to make a statement with our makeup at special occasions. But while this may look great in person, it can often be jarring in photographs. Trends and fashions change quickly in the makeup world. It may be the current trend to have a matte brown lip or a glossy eyelid. But will it be the same in a few months’ time? If we want our photographs to age well and not date quickly, we can select a more timeless makeup look. Natural makeup in neutral tones will never age badly, for example. A slight wing or even a soft smoky eye and a nude lip are still special, but not overdone. Choose a look that will flatter your features but that you can see yourself wearing in years to come.


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