Dressilyme Mother of the Bride Wedding Dresses

So last night, I showed you some drop dead gorgeous wedding dresses from Dressilyme. Today, I'm gonna be showing some amazingly made mother of the bride wedding dresses! Why not!? the mothers deserve an equally gorgeous gown as the bride!  

So here are some of the lovely but cheap mother of the bride wedding dresses I just found.
If your Moms like to strut long gown dresses, these dresses might be the ones for them! If you look at the design, it would surely fit every mother with its mix of modern yet sophisticated and conservative look.

This dress also got my attention because of its traditional design. This is for those Mom who loves to wear knee length dresses like this.

So that's it for today. Aren't these dresses lovely!? Watch out for more wedding dresses related posts soon! <3


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