A Guide To Looking Like A Boss On The Beach

To look like a boss on the beach, you don’t need to be super skinny. You don’t need an expensive bikini. You don’t even need a real pair of Raybans. Just about anybody can look like a boss on the beach if you use these tips. Start using them ASAP and you’ll look amazing!

Choose Swimwear To Suit Your Body Type
First of all you don’t even need to eat differently or exercise. Just choose swimwear that suits your body type. Something that looks incredible on a pear shape might not look incredible on an apple shape, for example. Know your body shape and type and then choose your swimwear accordingly. There’s loads of advice online to help you if you’re stuck. It’s really easy to enhance the bits you like and play down the bits you don’t like so much. 

Take Care Of Your Skin
Having smooth, beautiful skin is a must on the beach. Exfoliate regularly a few weeks in advance and moisturise often. Make sure you apply SPF to protect from the sun’s rays too. The smoother and silkier your skin, the sexier you’ll look. You can also use a gradual tan to get that pretty summer glow! 


Get Your Nails Done
Having your nails done on the beach is a must! Even if you can only paint them yourself, make sure you get them done. Bright toes look great in the sand, but the colour you go for is up to you. It’ll just make you look that bit more polished. 

Stand Up Straight
Posture can change the way you look instantly. Stand up straight, with your chin up and shoulders back. Never slouch. You can drop pounds off your frame straight away by doing this. Practice it regularly and be mindful of the way you sit/stand to get it right. 

Shape Up A Little 
If you have the time, then it won’t hurt to shape up a little with the right kind of diet and exercise regime. You don’t need to do much. Just make healthier food choices, and get in some form of exercise where you can. Even if it’s just taking the stairs rather than the lift! There are lots of recipes out there that will allow you to make your favourite foods from healthy ingredients. Coolsculpting is a popular treatment that can help if you don’t have the time. It won’t take long for you to see results - it really doesn’t need to be a case of starving yourself! 

Practice Confidence 
Above all else, confidence is the most important thing to have. People will take their cues from you. If you look comfortable and confident on the beach, whatever your shape or size, you’ll absolutely look incredible. If you try to cover up or don’t feel great about yourself, it’ll show. Work on loving yourself and becoming comfortable with your shape and size. That alone can help you to look like a boss on the beach. It’ll take some time, but it’s worth it!


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