The Latest Fashion Trends of 2016

The start of 2016 has been great. I've had a lot of adventures, challenges and emotional times that gave me heaps of fun. And so far, fashion wise has been great too! I've been loving the recent fashion trends because they're just my style! you know.. very casual.

Here are the latest fashion trends of 2016 that I'm totally diggin'!
Sporty Fashion
I've made a post about "Sporty is the New Cool" where you could get some tips on how to achieve the sporty look. Why not! I totally feel that this fashion trend will last a long time especially because it's just very comfy and convenient yet still fashionable! even Hollywood stars rock this trend!

This trend has been my all time favorite since years ago. I actually don't know how it only trended this year. It's basic, and basic never goes out of style!

Baseball Cap
Along with the sporty look came the baseball cap trend. I guess everyone is just about rocking the whole cool-sporty look. Which I'm not gonna argue with, coz' I love it too!

Lazy Dress
Totally loving the lazy dress trend too! it actually began last year but it still is quite trendy this year because of the whole comfort trend going on.

Ripped Jeans
Another thing I'm obsessing is the ripped jeans trend! I know its a classic trend and it never fades out but this year is at its peak!

Mom Jeans
Another denim trend going on is the Mom Jeans trend. Everyone is going crazy, bringing back the 90's looks! And I'm just loving it right now. This Mom Jeans brings an effortless look which I'm totally diggin'

High Waist Denim Skirt
Next thing is the revival of the denim skirt! totally one of the 90's trend that's coming back this year! I am definitely loving this trend too! I actually have two denim skirts that I'm obsessed with! and I can't wait to get a hold to more!

There are a lot of 90's look reviving this year as I've mentioned and the sporty-cool and comfy trend is on peak right now too! There are a lot of trends right now but I think those mentioned were on top. I guess this year is all about basic and effortless looks? who knows?! Anyway, what do you think? which of those trends mentioned you love most?!



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