Where To Find Reliable Wedding Advice

For many brides, organising a wedding will be the biggest event they’ve ever had to plan! So many different elements need sorting. From the ring to the venue to the dress, it can feel quite overwhelming. This is exactly why a sensible bride asks for help and advice. But who to ask? There are a handful of people out there who know what they’re doing, and whose advice you can trust. Find out who they are below.

A recent bride
Taking advice from people who recently tied the knot is a tricky one. Avoid doing so if you think it’s likely they will try to become controlling or bossy. However, if you know somebody who is dead relaxed, pick their brains. They’ve gone through the same process. Plus, having gone through it recently, their info on various prices and costs will be current. Your contact will also have picked up a bank of tips and tricks along the way. They are sure to be happy to share these with you, and they could save you money, time or even both! 

If possible, speaking to more than one recent bride. The more you get in touch with, the more handy tips you potentially have access to.

Industry experts
Industry experts are especially useful when it comes to purchasing things for the wedding. Two major purchases are the dress and the rings. Your Diamond Guru is one such place. Here you can get free hints, tips and guides on everything diamond-related. As for wedding dresses, do you research before you go to the store. Find places with staff who have worked in wedding fitting for many years; they’re likely to have the most valuable advice for you. They’ll be able to look at your height, weight and body shape and help you make an informed decision about your wedding dress. Equally, if you visit a shop and feel like the staff are disinterested or unhelpful, walk away. You deserve better treatment than that; this is a big occasion and a large investment too!

Suit shops for the groom and groomsmen will also likely have a tailoring expert in store.

Wedding planners
Wedding planners make a living from knowing everything there is to know about weddings. So it only makes sense that they will be an excellent source of knowledge. If you want to hire one, be sure to see a few different individuals. Go with someone that you truly gel with. You’re going to have to spend a lot of time together. There is a great guide to the important questions you should ask at your first meeting over at The Knot

If you don’t think you can afford a planner, at least, go for a free consultation. You might be able to pick up something valuable from the initial consultation. And, if they’re great but you can’t afford them for the whole process, there are other options. Some wedding planners can be hired just for the week before the wedding, or even just on the big day!


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