Valentines Day Survival Guide For Single Ladies

I have a lot of friends who are not as excited as I am for Valentines day. And I also have friends who are, as we call "bitter" about it. lol it sounds funny but it's true! and if you are one of them do not worry. Valentines day isn't just for couples. If you are one of the single ladies this 14th, here are some fun activities you can do to make the day meaningful! 

Treat yourself to a SPA date 
This is the perfect time to treat yourself with a relaxing SPA date with either you friends or your best Mom in the world! Not only will you relax and pamper yourself but you'll get to spend good time with you single friends or your mom.

Dine Out with your family
As I said, Valentines isn't just for couples. If you are single, do not worry because you have a lot of people around that loves you! especially your family who has been been with you all throughout. Treat your family out to dinner this 14th and make good memories.

Shopping galore with your bestfriends
Shop till you drop this Valentines day with your best friends. There is no other perfect day to treat yourself by buying your favorite mascara brand or your long time dream dress! 

Girls Night In with your Bestfriends
What is more fun than having a girls night in with your gang? make yummy treats together, play cards, watch movies and chat all night long! who says you need boys this Valentines day?! :*

Those are some fun activities you can do this Valentines day. If you are single, these are the perfect activities for your! do not worry too much about not having a bae! your family and friends are your most precious baes! Wait for the right time and wait for the right man. Don't ever rush! who knows, maybe next Valentines day is your lucky day!



  1. Interesting tips!!! Valentine's is about love in general, really, and I guess there's no better way to celebrate it than by showing how you love yourself. <3

  2. This is suitable not just for single ladies :) I would love to do these this weekend. Hahaha For me kasi Valentine's is a day to relax and unleash the love ♥


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