Tips From A Stylist: How To Pull Of Casual Chic

Far too many of us make the mistake of presuming that casual wear can’t be stylish, but that’s not the case. While casual style can be harder to get right, you can still present yourself in a fashionable way. It’s just a case of perfecting the best ways to add style to a casual look, something that many of us struggle with.

You’ve probably noticed that while us mere mortals find pulling off casual style tricky, celebrities always seem to get the look spot on. This isn’t because they’ve mastered the art of looking good 24/7, but is the result of having a stylist. You may not be able to afford a personal stylist, but that’s okay because I’ve done the work for you. After lots of research, I’ve found out all the essentials that stylists swear by when it comes to casual style. Here’s what you need to know to look good even on your day off.

Create a wardrobe of basics
The key to pulling off casual chic is to create a wardrobe of basic pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to create different looks. It’s best to stick to neutrals when it comes to your basics so that they can be worn in almost any combination. A grey roll neck, a camel fine knit jumper, a navy t-shirt dress, black leggings, skinnies in black and blue - these are the essentials.
The basics you pick are going to be the background for every look you create, so make sure they fit well and look good. Don’t worry that they’re a little plain, you can use accessories to brighten them up and add style. As well as mostly plain pieces, if you want to invest in a couple of printed designs, like these tunic tops, go ahead.

Add style with accessories
When it comes to getting casual style spot on, accessories are the most essential investment you can make. Without a selection of chic accessories, your outfit will stay looking plain and dull. To add fun, hassle-free style to your look, you need a range of accessories.

This can include everything from scarves and shoes to jewellery and belts, and everything in between. Just as long as you’ve got a few pieces to choose from. The types of accessories that you like will probably differ from those that your friends like, but that’s okay. It’s not about following the crowd, when it comes to style, it’s about finding a look that works for you.

Don’t be afraid to wear flats
There’s nothing saying you can’t wear heels with a casual outfit, but ask any stylist and they’ll tell you that flats work a lot better. Don’t be afraid to wear flats, as a cute pair of ballet pumps or Converse-style trainers can look great. 

To spice up your look, invest in shoes that come in stylish designs. They don’t just have to be plain; they can be patterned or have embellishments on them. This coming season, embellishments are set to be big on shoes, so why not get ahead of the curve and invest now?

There you go, all the styling tips that stylists swear by when it comes to casual fashion.


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