Cheap Valentines Day Gift Ideas for HER : Silver and Rose Gold Rings

There are people who are half excited about Valentines day. I get where they are coming from. hahaha!! but you know what, Valentines day isn't just for couples guys! oh common! Hearts day is for everyone! its a celebration of love to your family, friends and special someone. So literally, it isn't just for boyfriends and girlfriends or married couple. 

For your girl friends, girlfriends, wife, mothers or sisters here are some lovely and elegant rings from Love and Elegance Shop. They are currently having a Love Month Promo for their silver and rose gold rings! now for only $6 instead of $12. Definitely a good steal!
These silver rings with elegant gems and designs will definitely capture their hearts! These silver rings come in different sizes and designs that will fit everyone's style!

For Rose gold enthusiasts, these lovely rose gold pleated rings are definitely for them! These also comes in sizes and styles.

Visit LoveandElegance Shop for more of these lovely rings! you can also find cute necklaces and hippie sunglasses! shop now and avail 40% off on all items!


  1. so many beautiful rings!! :)))

    xoxo, rae


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