Beauty Tips for Morning Hangovers

Last night with your girl friends was an absolute fun! this morning was a disaster. You are still on your party outfit and your makeup is a mess. You don't even remember how you were able to go home. Girl, you're having a hangover. And if you have a lot of errands to do today, you need some help! 
If you can dare to go out still on your messy party outfit and makeup, then you can do so. But if you want to look decent as if last night never happened, these beauty tips will help you clear all the evidence!

Drink Plenty Of Water
Your hangover is caused by dehydration. Once you wake up, you'll feel thirsty for sure like you've never drink water for ages! grab a glass of water or two to hydrate your body, feel better and recover fast.

Clean Your Face
Most probably, you were too drunk to remove your makeup the night before and now your makeup is still on. Wash your face thoroughly and take off all the dirt and makeup off your face!

Move Around
Sweat as much as you can to relive and get your blood circulating around your body. Exercise, move around or simply walk back and forth your TV.

Take A Good Shower
Wash away the smell of alcohol you drank last night. A good shower will make you alert, awake and refreshed! Do not forget to brush your teeth right after!

Work Those Puffy Eyes
Cool down those puffy eyes by placing a cube of ice, cucumbers or even a frozen spoon on your under eyes. It does work wonders!

Moisturize Your Skin
Do not forget to apply lots of lotion and moisturizer on your face and body. Because you drank more alcohol than water last night, you will need to regain moisture back in your body by drinking water and applying emulsions on your skin. Your trusted moisturizer and lotion will come in hand this time.

Use a tinted moisturizer, a BB Cream or CC Cream as base instead of foundation. Apply light makeup to let your skin breath as much as possible. Do not forget to conceal you under eyes. It makes a whole difference!

Put Some Color
Put a small amount of blush around your cheeks and give your lips some color. Just because you're a total mess right now doesn't mean you can't rock a bold lips!

Eat Breakfast
Eat your favorite omelette for breakfast and get energized for the day! Do not forget to have a cup of coffee or a glass of fruit juice and a banana to replenish potassium in your body! Seriously, this will help a lot! 

Dress Comfortably
Dress casual but still in style. The most important thing is to dress as comfy as possible. If you're too lazy to mix and match,then dress up! Do not forget to spray your favorite fragrance to smell good as if nothing happened!

But if you don't have things to do all day, you can just sleep on your comfortable bed till you feel better. Sleep is still the best remedy for hangover! But if you still feel uncomfortable, something is wrong. You have to change your mattress! lol you have to have the perfect mattress to have the best sleep needed to recover from hangover.

Disclaimer: No I'm not alcoholic and I don't have to be in order to give you these tips. These tips are backed up by experiences from my friends that have experienced hangovers quite a lot. I also found most of it on the net which I thought was helpful for some of  you. Hangovers are difficult and for us girls, its even worse! I hope these tips helped you and gave you a lot of useful information for trouble times.



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