Shop To Love: Mofain Hair

Hey guys! my blogging game is very strong lately! I've been posting a ton the past weeks and this week will be no different at all! I have a couple of brands that I want to share with you. Yes they are sponsored but I personally love them too! I wouldn't want to write and share them with you if they aren't my personal favorites. I hope you don't mind me sharing a lot of brands to you guys.
So anyway, for today I have an amazing shop to share. Have you heard about Mofain Hair? Mofain is an online store based in China specializing in producing 100% human hair products. They are committed to be the best hair product online store wolrwide by only giving you the best and the highest quality hair products at cheaper prices. They have a ton of wig selection for us to choose from with a very wide variety of colors, cuts , length and style. 

My favorite from them would be their Hair Weave collection. 
Who wouldn't? It's quite hard to find an ombre hair wig online and I am beyond surprise to see this one from their site! I am a huge fan of ombre and this wig makes me want to buy one! Aside from this, they have more lovely style that you might love more! check their site out to see for yourself! Also, they have cheap hair wefts for those with tight budget.
I honestly do not like wigs before. If you have read my previous posts I bet you already know about it - how much I used to hate looking at people wearing wigs. Except for celebrities, here in my country ordinary people do not really wear wigs or extension. Most of the time, it's those people who are into pageants and gay who are into wigs to transform themselves and look into someone else. But as I went through the internet and found out that wearing such wigs isn't that bad at all! Maybe there are wigs that looks unatural (which what I always see here in my place, the reason why I used to hate looking at wigs) but there are also wigs that looks just fine and natural, and even perfect for events just like Mofain Hair.

Anyway, that is all for today. I hope you are having a lovely morning, afternoon or evening, wherever you are in the world! see you on my next post!


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