Prom 2016 with Adasbridal

Since new year has just ended PROM is already approaching! You see, time flies soooo fast! prom was as if last week and now prom is less than a month away! Are you girls ready for prom?! I am pretty sure that maybe some of you are all set but mostly are not! Yes I know because I'm the last minute type of person and I know the same goes to almost everyone! It's new year guys so I think it's time to switch things up a little bit. How about having some head time prom shopping as early as now? Here take a look at some gorgeous cheap prom dresses from Adasbridal.

Both this gorgeous dresses are on my top picks! because why not!? aren't they both lovely and unique? just take a moment to look at the details! :)

Also guys, another thing that you can look up to when shopping for Prom is the Bridesmaid Dresses section. I don't about you but here in my place, because we really don't have enough dress options we look straight on bridesmaid dresses at bridal shops.  Adasbrdial has a ton of bridesmaid dresses under 100 dollars which is insane! here are some.

Aren't these two lovely? they're for bridesmaids but you can totally rock this for Prom too!


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