How To Take The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

In recent years more and more couples have chosen to announce their engagements via social media. It’s quick, simple and can instantly let the entire world know about your happy news. These announcements commonly include a picture of the bride to be’s hand wearing a beautiful engagement ring. These engagement ring selfies have become the norm and are often the most liked pictures on the couple’s social media platforms. Follow these suggestions to get your hands looking fabulous and make your engagement ring selfie stand out.
Think about the background
In the excitement of getting engaged, you may want to take a picture and upload it instantly. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, don’t just concentrate on your hand. Think carefully about the background of your photograph. You want something that adds to the image, not detracts from it. A messy room or highly patterned background can take all the attention away from your sparkly new ring. You could use a wall, floor or textiles to give you plain or solid coloured backdrop for your selfie. Just make sure they are not too darkly coloured or extravagant. If you’ve got engaged at a romantic beach destination somewhere exotic, you could use the ocean or sand as a beautiful natural backdrop. If you’re good with photography, you could use filters and blurring to enhance your image further just don’t make it look too artificial.

Get your nails looking fabulous
If you haven’t got the best-looking nails right now, you may feel embarrassed about taking a photograph of your hand. Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to take them from drab to fab. You could get a manicure, wear falsies and use oils and polish to improve the look of your nails. You want to pick a nail varnish colour that complements your engagement ring. If your ring has a classic, timeless design such as these Tacori rings, a striking red or pale pink polish will exude vintage glamour. For more modern looking engagement rings, metallic polish and sleek nail art could be a strong option for you. Matching your nail polish to the colour of your gem could also give you some interesting result. Always remember to keep your hands moisturised and avoid biting your nails at all costs.

Hand position is key
You may find it take a few tries to get the Instagram-worthy selfie you were hoping for. This might be due to the positioning of your hand. You want it to look as elegance as possible and sometimes that widely spread fingers look just doesn’t look right. Try holding onto something to make your hand look more natural. Bouquets of flowers are a brilliant item to hold or you could place your hand on top of your partners. Experiment with hand positions and camera angles to find one that looks beautiful. Remember natural poses are always better.

These tips will take your engagement selfie from average to out of this world. Let the image highlight just excited you are about getting engaged and be proud to show it off to your followers.


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