2 in 1 Wedding Dresses

I had a long weekend! It so tiring but super fun! I couldn't complain a thing because I learned a lot and experienced a couple of things for the first time! I'll definitely blog about that some other time. 

For today, I have a couple of lovely wedding dresses to show to you girls. They're not just ordinary wedding dresses because they're 2 in 1 wedding dresses. You know how I love multi-function items like this because it saves a ton of money and time. Here, take a look at some of my favorites.
This definitely one of my absolute fave! first is because it is multi function. I can totally wear the same dress at different events with different style! second is because of the lovey design perfect for weddings and even events.

Here is another of my favorite. You know how I love simple designs no wonder why this dress immediately took my attention.

'If you want to achieve a sweet vibe, this dress is perfect! Also one of my favorite!

I hope you like my favorites. If you don't, check out Adasbridal to personally search your favorites!


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