Holiday Evening Dresses for 2015

Holiday parties are literally everywhere! if you have a bunch of parties on the list, i'm pretty sure dress hunting is your ultimate problem. Thank God I'm not invited in any formal occasion! it would be such a hassle buying a bunch of evening dresses for a bunch of parties! that will surely cost so much! and I don't have the money for that.

And the most important thing, we wanna make sure we wear something no one will ever wear on the same party! or else that would be the most awkward thing #ever. My tip is do not buy a dress from where you live. Because chances are, everyone will shop at the nearest mall. Much better if you shop online. That way, you are definitely sure you will stand out and that no one has the same dress as you. As to quality, don't worry because there are a lot of excellent brands online at a cheaper price. One is Adasbrdal. Their cheap evening dresses are the bomb! I can't even describe how gorgeous their collection is. Here, take a look at my favorites.

This is the perfect balance of simple and intricate. I can't imagine myself wearing a plunging neckline like this though. Nevertheless, it's one of my favorites. Just look at the beautiful bead details.

I have a thing with sexy back details guys. Hence, this gorgeous dress automatically jumped off my list! Also, it's in white so two thumbs up!

Black is always elegant! black always slays! and this dress will definitely look elegant to anyone who wears it. And just look at the curve of this dress and of course the back bead details.

Here's another evening dress on my list. It's simple but truly elegant. I love the simple and plain feel of the dress and that's what makes it stand out.

So those are my faves, what are yours? also guys if you're worried about having bigger frame, well Adasbdridal also has something for you too! they have a wide array of plus size special occasion dresses that you can choose from. Go check them out now!



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