Book Review: Ian Leaf's Starting a HFC Business at Home

Good morning guys! This not another wedding post or beauty related thing. I will be talking about a book! I am not a bookworm kind of person but this book caught my attention right away because first, it talks about fashion and second, it talks about business. I'm not in any case an expert of either fashion or business guys but the author of the book is certainly is, Mr. Ian Leaf. For aspiring fashion entrepreneur and for those who are thinking of building business at home, this book will help you in a lot of ways! 

I have always dreamed of having a clothing line business but it seems so hard to start and all the preparations. Great thing I have this book! This book is a great start for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs like me to plan and think about what and how to realize their dream High Fashion Clothing Business at Home. This book will guide us step by step to the process of starting our home based business. I love how the book sounds very easy and understandable. Also. I love how the book was well written and organized  Even if you are not familiar with some high fashion terms, you will surely absorb and understand the tips the author has given. )

The author has given easy tips on how to fund our own fashion businesses. Personally, this part of the book is perhaps my favorite. Because as we all know, it's quite easy to think about building a business but to start the business is what makes it really hard. Especially on the part of looking for funds or capital to start the business. I love how the book gave tips on where we can find funds for the business. Also, they discussed certain do's and dont's, and tips regarding fashion trends which I think will greatly help any fashion entrepreneurs to survive in the fashion industry. Knowing how trend comes and goes quickly, the tips on this book will surely help a lot.

Aside from those topics, there are a lot more interesting topics discussed in the book that is great for business startup. Guys, this book is absolutely engaging! not only for business or fashion oriented people but in general, everyone of us! 

Get this book!

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