Sexy Back

Hey guys!! :) i'm currently using bloggerway app. It's kinda weird since it's my first time but so far I'm enjoying it.

Weather has been bad lately and I couldn't take photos of my outfit outside. It's kinda sad since I rarely get excited with taking photos of my outfit and in moments like this when I feel eager, the weather isn't cooperating. So yeah.. Since I don't have anything else to do I decided to browse online and as always, i've visited a lot of online shops. I had stumbled upon KissMiss and found these gorgeous backless bandage dresses.

Loving this all white peplum halter dress. I admit, I can never wear something this revealing but I find the design so pretty. For those who are open and could dare to show off some skin especially their sexy back then this dress is right for you.

This yellow bandage dress is also the bomb. Loving the youthful yellow color and the hint of sexiness the backless detail brings. This is perfect for sultry and sexy day events.

For events when you want to exude an  extraordinary aura, these gorgeous dresses will be a huge help. Not anyone could pull off a backless dress but I say with just little preparations you definitely could rock the runway. It's actually not the sexy back after all, it's simply about confidence.

For note drop dead dresses visit KissMiss guys!! See you on my next post!!

PS bloggerway app isn't good. I couldn't publish anything! and I couldn't insert link, make text bold and so much more. I ended up using my laptop just to click the publish button.


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