Summer Staples

Summer months are definitely over here in the Philippines. The rain is starting to pour every afternoon the past days. But as a tropical country, rainy days are well... not a problem to stop us from rocking the summer outfits. At this time, its summer in the other side of the globe so might as well embrace the summer vibe too right? Its a tropical country and its like summer all year round!

So here are a couple of things that I consider as summer must haves for this year. 
Pastel colors will never be out for this season. Try a lovely pastel nail color and a cute little bow on your head to soften and make you look more feminine.A reliable sunblock, lip balm and sun glass with a refreshing drink on hand will definitely be a staple to beat the heat. And don't forget to strut your newly bought summer dress and crop tops on beach parties!

Neon colors are surely not a miss for this year's summer. Try wearing neon patterned sandals, bags and headbands. They will compliment the bright and scorching sun. Wear a bronzer and and a refreshing salmon lip color to match your bright outfit. Also, opting for a movie inspired nail art is a cute idea to spice up the look just like this "The Fault In Out Stars" pattern. Btw, have you seen the movie? I know its heart breaking. I don't even want to see more of its details coz I know I won't recover easily with so much pain even just in movies. lol

For those who can dare to rock a two piece bikini in the beach, then this look is right for you! This lovely bikini has a super cute lavender floral pattern and a cute slit t in the midriff section. Wearing this bikini together with this bright teal kimono will surely make heads turn for you! Match everything else with an anti-uv sunglass, a lovely straw hat and a super cute gladiator beach sandals to finish the look.

For those a bit conservative but still want to bring out their inner fashion spirit, then you can try to rock this ensemble. Wear a cute bikini top such as this lovely salmon patterned bikini with an equally cute beach short and this neon teal top as a cover up to complete the look. Its cute and doesn't show too much skin, prefect for those who cannot dare to flaunt their beach bods. Polish everything by bringing a cute gladiator beach sandals and this beach bag to fit all of your beach essentials such as this lovely oversized sunnies. 

If you're more of a casual person and doesn't want to wear too much bright colors and neon stuff then this comfy top and denim short combo is the perfect look for you! Going on casual days doesn't need a colorful sandals nor huge beach bags so might as well count on your most reliable shoes or in this case boots for a comfy long walk if you are running on errands. Don't forget to bring your favorite sunnies to protect your delicate eyes and of course your bag with all your essentials inside :)

So this for me are my summer must haves. What do you think? :) If you got anything more to add or suggest just comment them down below! :)

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Have a good day!


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