That DressWe Love

Did a lot of things today. I love how my week is turning out. Everyday is a productive day and I am feeling so great about it. I am able to seize the time and do a lot of things from it. Its an accomplishment! *high five!
Did you work a lot too? I know it feels tiring but you know deep inside it feels great to be able to manage your workload. I hope my upcoming days will be as great as it is now. 

I am also gonna be on a Company outing this weekend. HELLO BEACH! It's summer. I'm excited and well, a bit miserable on what I'll wear. But anyhow, I'll make sure to enjoy every single moment :) CARPE DIEM <3

Today's post is to share to you my favorite online finds. I am quite addicted with shoes lately and I can't help myself to browse and browse for more designs. I just have to share them to yo guys so you can also have options to choose from. Here are some lovely Dresswe Wedge Sandals.


Aside from those lovely shoes, here are some of my faves from their Homecoming Dresses :) Trendy and sexy details perfect for big events!

I bet you're drooling right now. If you want these awesome shoes, you might wanna check out Dresswe :)

They're an online shop that sells lovely wedding and special occasion dresses and shoes such as above. They have a wide array of products for us buyers to choose from. If you're not yet satisfied with my picks, ain't no worry guys because you can choose from their wardrobe. They have a lot of items to drool with! What's more good about them is that at low prices, you can even customize your item according to your preferences. Aren't they sweet?



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