Bold in Black

Bold, fierce and elegant. That's how the way I see black. Its the universal color when it comes to fashion.  We can never go wrong with black because it just goes on with anything! everything! amazing isn't it?Aside from that,it gives that hint of sexiness coz it gives the illusion of smaller figure.

Same with wearing black dress or top, black sandals can make us look sexier and more sophisticated. A bold color added with bold and cool design makes the perfect black sandals. Perfect for any event!
Found these elegant looking sandals online btw and I just can't get enough of them. Thought of maybe sharing them to you...

Aren't these babies lovely? Honestly, they kind if intimidate me. They look waaaaaaaaay gorgeous for my not so good looking little feet. Anyways, as I said, black is an all time color. You'll never get out of place with it. If you have big summer parties, you might want to wear these instead. Aside from the added height, this will add more confidence *wink* I'd like to call these summer sandals too. These lovely DressV summer sandals are one of my cravings right now.If you want to see more pretty items, go check DressV now! :)

Sweet Dreams!


  1. black will always be a classic! :) love everything you included here :)))

    xoxo, rae


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