Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Hey lovelies! :) its getting hotter everyday huh? is it just because summer is fast approaching or because of the global warming? maybe both?lol Sunny days makes me really brightened up. I can do whatever I want, go where ever I want to go and  just wander around under the heat of the sun. Beach perhaps? or a cute mini picnic. But I hate too much sun, especially since Philippines is a tropical country, we got sunny days almost the whole year round. 

What I have always wanted to try (aside from winter) is fall. Its just so lovely to see leaves and flowers fading its colors, falling to the ground and just giving beauty all around the corner. Just the right temperature for me to wear knits, jumpers, legging, boots and yes, a curly wavy hair. Having a wavy hair just accentuates the beauty of the season. Straight and full hair is also a nice trend to wear fall of this year 2014. If you have long hair, then that's good since you can curl and style them in any way you want. But if you have short or medium hair length, then you might wanna try using micro loop hair extensions

Have you heard of it? .Its the newest and quickest hair extension method used nowadays. Basically, these are single sections of of real hair extension with a ring loop attached to it. This ring loop is where you will put a small section of your hair to clip it in. You will do that on all the rest of the individual extension. Its basically easy as it sounds but a hard thing to work since you need to install it individually. It may took hours but it will look naturally once done plus it's better than the other hair extensions since it won't be attached too close to the roots of your hair because of the distance of the loop to the its main clip. Its doesn't also require any heat, glue or sewing unlike any other hair extension methods.Thus, lesser hair fall and lesser hair damage.Try to browse TedHair.com . They have a lot of awesome micro loop hair extension and other kinds of extensions too in different colors and shades. Their products are 100% guaranteed remy hair without any synthetic or animal hair. Sound pretty good huh? For more info about their products, you can check them out personally :) go and choose the best style for you!

If you want to get the same look as your celebrity girl crushes, then using these extensions might be a nice idea too :)

Take a closer look.

Dyeing Test.
Shedding test.
Burning Test.

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