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Aren't you tired of finding several shopping areas where you can find unique fashion pieces? By unique, that means you'll be the only one with that item in your place. I've experienced this awkward moment every time I go on parties and events. I always have someone with almost the same dress/clothes as me. If not exactly, only the prints and colors differ but when you look at it, you can really tell the similarities. 

That's a con when you hit a widely known brand. You'll have your twin sister everywhere -.- When you go to school, mall, events, etc. It doesn't really matter much to me but it just feels awkward especially when we meet each other's Have you experience something like that? hahaha

With that, I'd like to share with you an online shop which I find really unique. You won't really see as much of their items on other shops! Aside from that fact, what I really like about their items is the affordability and   the company's value to customers. If you want to know what I am talking about, then go and check Sheinside :)

From their launching last 2008 until now, they have always been one of the most favorite stop of online buyers. Most of their items are of street style and the like. If you want to check them online aside from their official website you can also check them at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If you've checked their site then you're probably drooling right now :D Okay so, I know you have your picks already but let me just share to you my favorites <3

Turquoise Sleeveless Dress
Black Leather Pumps
Blue Bib Knitted Collar Necklace
Gold Hollow Out Bracelet

Skull Printed Chiffon Shirt
Red Vintage Low-waist Cotton Pants
Black Belt Buckled Wedge
Retro Wayfarer Sunglass

Beige Geometric Knitted Sweater
Pink Mid-Waist Lace Short
Gold Plated Spiked Necklace
Pink Wayfarer Sunglass

Dark Grey Printed Fringe Sleeveless Shirt
Hollow Mid-Waist Blue Jeans
Rivets Black Flat Shoes
Vintage Alloy Triangle Necklace

What do you think? :)
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