Fashion Forward with PersunMall

Yey for the item but No-no with the color or you like every single details except for one.  If you've had that, then I feel you. hahha! I've had that many times! and its just so frustrating how you really love the design, its details and all except for one thing. Its like you could have just not seen the item so you wouldn't feel the doubt of buying or not buying it due to one single detail that you really don't like.

If you hate that experience, so do I. I know how hard that situation is and so I want to share to you an awesome experience that you could have with PersunMall. They have a lot of fashion forward pieces of affordable price, great quality and service. Aside from that, you can provide them with your desired details, size and anything you want them to include or exclude in the item. They call it Made-to-order service or DIY designing. If you want to change the color ,you can or if you want to exactly have it in your desired fit, you also can!. You can negotiate with their team to provide you your desired design with no additional fee. Isn't that great?:)

You can check their site to know more about this awesome shop. For the mean time, I'd like to share to you my favorites from PersunMall.

1. Sunflower Girl Chiffon Vest
2. Black Slim Fit Vest
3. Purple Sequined Chiffon Vest
4.  Beige Slim Fit Chiffon Shirt
5. Printed Collapsed Shoulder Tee
6. Striped Pink and White Bat Sleeve Shirt 

1. Candy Colored Skirt
2. Western Style Skirt
3. OL Style Slim Fit Skirt
4. Peach Chiffon Short
5. Vintage Style Chiffon Short
6. Checked Mint Cotton Short

1. Double Tartan Design Suit
2. Candy Colored Boyfriend Blazer
3. OL Style Simple Blazer
4. Elk Jacquard Sweater
5. Round Neck Aztec Knit Pullover Sweater
6. Classical Aztec Cardigan

1. Puppy Patterned Shoulder Bag
2. White Geometric Shoulder Bag
3. One Handle Pink Aslant Bag
4. Lambskin Ankle Bootie Black Pumps
5. Rhinestone Fashion High Heels
6. Wave Strapped Peep Toe Wedges
7. Sequined Exquisite Flats
8. Vintage Style Soft Leather Oxford Shoes
9. Leopard Print Flat Shoes

Have you picked your favorites too? :)


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  3. very nice picks..will check it out soon!! :)


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