Back to School Fab Pieces!

I know, this is supposed to be posted in the first week or days of the month but I was just kinda filled with pending blog posts to prioritize first. Anyway, its June which means bye bye summer and hello to assignments, projects and sleepless nights of studying! bwahahaha! (good thing I'm done with that!) well, on the bright side you'll get to see your friends too! take them as inspiration :)

So I made these mini back to school sets via Polyvore. These are just casual pieces since its for school though it  still depends on how style your pieces to fit in one theme. You can be all girly, punk, or plain and simple but the thing is, you have to wear something appropriate (if you don't want to be reprimanded by the guards or worse scenario, you'll not be able to enter the campus!),  comfy and versatile.

For me, this is the most important piece of dressing up for school. I'm not really particular with what I wear, I'm more concerned about my things. I always make sure to bring all the stuff I needed, my books, pens, notebook, calculator, phone, etc. And with all those stuff, all I need is a bag that could fit all of it. Of course, the details and designs is a bonus point :)

I usually go for shirts in going to school. Why? because they're comfortable and it allows me to move the way I want to. No restraints. Shirts are also very useful in times when your running late LOL or you're in a rush to comply and pass your project on the deadline! When you're out of time to think of what to wear, just take out any shirt, pair it with jeans and your favorite shoes and then you're good to go!
I've always been a pro-pants. Some says they hate wearing it because it feels tight, covered up, hot, etc. But for me it looks casual, formal and cute (at times). I've always been wearing pants in school not because we have dress codes but because I feel comfortable with it. Hassle free, conservative and you can pair it with anything!

I'm not only most concerned with bags but with shoes as well. College isn't like high school where you'll just wait for your teacher to come in class. You'll be the one to find your room and attend class in different buildings in college. It takes a lot of walking and with that, you'll need you comfiest pair of shoes!

For the freshmen, I tell you college is totally a different thing with high school. You've gotta be serious because its your training ground to prepare your for the real battle after the graduation. JOB HUNTING. hahahah lol I mean it! job hunting isn't easy AT ALL! 

Anyway, I hope you find those little tips useful and those cute items above from Dresslink and Persunmall. Why don't you check their site to look for your personal picks? 

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  2. Hi sis, already been following your blog for a long time :P I do miss going back to school though, haha! I choose the 4th bag with the 6th blouse and the and the 6th pants.

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  5. great inspiration babe!

  6. Great inspiration! thanks!



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