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 Eazyfashion started last 2011 in Multiply and eventually expanded and grew to a whole new eazyfashion.com due to the high and growing demand for asian fashion and accessories. It is an online shop base from Philippines! They aim to be an affordable supplier of high-end fashion accessories that doesn't only stop in expanding on its own but also to give the best products to its customers.

They offer a lot of asian products which range from clothing, accessories, footwear, undergarments, nail polishes and a whole lot MORE. They also provide sale and discounts every now and then, keep in touch with eazyfashion in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email

Eazyfashion and its company also aims to influence the Filipinos to engage in business. In fact, they offer drop shipping and re-selling. Eazyfashion will help you build your online shop with no capital needed! you can use their product photos to advertise on your shop, in that way you can save money by ordering only what has been ordered by your client. Plus! you can also even let Eazyfashion ship the item for you under your name! with that, you can save a whole lot of money shipping the items and you can gain a lot of profit when you get the wholesale price by just ordering a minimum of 6 items on your first transaction and then the rest..you can just order one by one with the wholesale price. Isn't that great???:)

Visit their cute online shop here to pick your favorites!:)


  1. hello em! i do use photoshop. :) just thinking too if we are in the same area, I can do your photos if given the chance. :)

  2. argh i'm in looove with those sunglasses, they're gorgeous

  3. hi do you have any shop at Cebu! i love your items and i wanted to know if you happen to have any shop in cebu. Thanks. :)

    1. I'm not really sure but you can check their site!


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