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When it comes to fashion it’s hard to say what’s been the most defining era but what we do know is that retro clothing isn't going anywhere. Nostalgia is big business and designers love updating classic looks, mixing modern and vintage patterns and making us fall in love with a bygone era all over again! Stores know that we're not only obsessed with 90’s chokers, but with pinafore dresses, cropped T-shirts, and carefree cork wedges so they're always bringing out clothes based on amazing iconic looks!

Fifties Pin Up
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Bell dresses and skirts were specifically designed to emphasize shapely silhouettes and tiny waists, while showing off the luxurious fabric of the flared and full circular dress that was given its name by the numerous net petticoats underneath. Square, boat and sweetheart necklines became massively popular during this era as well as dresses in floral patterns, polka dots, and even stripes! Perfect for date night a 50’s inspired outfit is lovely, charming and very ladylike as well being lots of fun. Think full-on rockabilly skirts, bold prints, v necks and tulip sleeves then tie the whole look together with a glamorous, old Hollywood era makeup look, featuring dramatically curled eyelashes, matte colored eyeshadow and a gorgeous crimson pout.

Forever Picking Flowers
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The late 1960’s infamously became known as the ‘Summer Of Love’ and many of the laid back, bohemian looks we see at Coachella, Burning Man and even Glastonbury are throwbacks to this period of creativity and self-expression. For the first time, we allowed ourselves to do something because it felt good not because it was it was the right thing to do. The hippy movement inspired both men, and women to rebel against society. Tuning in, then dropping out in their masses as they chose to live off-grid lifestyles, creating ‘free love’ communes and set up spiritual enlightenment camps in woods and fields. Today, our much-loved crochet or cotton maxi dresses, fringed jackets, denim shorts, tie-dye skirts, and embroidered peasant tops were first seen back in the crowded fields of Woodstock and Haight Ashbury. Channel your inner flower child by choosing long line bell sleeve tops, vintage jewellery at Kalmar Antiques, maxi skirts, colorful overalls, dreamcatcher necklaces, and feathered earrings. 

Nineties Gothica
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The raging, spitting and leather wearing punk era of the eighties certainly left its mark with more safety pinned T-shirts, ripped trousers, and army surplus jackets being produced than ever before. The cheaper, more homemade the outfit was, the more ‘punk’ you were often deemed to be. Ironically, this lead to thousands of very middle-class teenagers ripping up pristine tops, trousers, and skirts, to their parent's chagrin in an effort to seem cool. Our never-ending love for leather spilled over into the gothic infused nineties but became meshed with black or dark laces, blowsy ruffled chiffon, velvet period jackets and trailing romantic dresses like nightgowns straight out of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Once again, delicate tattoo and dog collar studded chokers are re-emerging but to avoid looking like a time-warp teenager you should pair chokers with sophisticated, wrap dresses, elegant jumpsuits and this year's biggest trend- the cold shoulder top. 

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