Girl's Night Out: The Essential Guide To Preparing For An Amazing Evening

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Sometimes we need a good girl’s night out to let our hair down, dance the night away, and forget all our troubles. Even though there is a strict “no men allowed” policy, we still want to look our absolute best - after all, we only want to look amazing for ourselves anyway. Getting ready for a girl’s night out can look more like a military operation to outsiders, but it’s of crucial importance to get it just right.
Invite your best girls
A girl’s night out without your best girlfriends is just a night out, and that’s just no fun at all. Make sure you give everyone enough notice - at least a few days - so they have no excuse not to be there. At this point, organize your transport or designated driver, so you’re not left with the awkward conversations on the day.

Choose the outfit
This is one of the most important bits, but at least it can be done ahead of time. Obviously, the whole process of throwing your entire wardrobe on the bedroom floor, one piece at a time, is obligatory, but once you’ve gone through that ritual, you’ll be left with a killer outfit, and maybe one that you’ve not been seen in before, if you’re lucky. Be sure to pick out shoes and accessories at this point - there’s nothing worth than getting your heart set on an outfit before realizing you have no heels to go with it. 

Spend the afternoon preening
On the day itself, give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Shower, fix your eyebrows, shave your legs, and go through your skincare routine. This is no time for pimples or dark circles, so be sure to use your best skin care, including something like this Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum to give you a flawless complexion. Wash your hair and dry it carefully - you can finish styling it later. Basically, get all of the initial stages of getting ready done throughout the course of the day, so you’re not left rushing around later.

Line your stomach
This is so important - there’s no good night out that ends with a lot of vomiting, so make sure your body is prepared for what it’s about to go through. Having something to eat before you go out ensures that the first sip of alcohol doesn’t hit an empty stomach, so you’ll be able to stay out longer. It’ll also help to ensure you don’t binge on unhealthy snacks such as peanuts and pretzels while you’re out.

Get dolled up
Now’s the time to do your makeup, fix your hair, and finally put your dress and accessories on. Leaving these til the last minute means they’re less likely to get ruined before you even go out.

Sort your bag
Make sure you have your keys, cell phone, money, bank cards, phone, camera, ID, and any makeup for touchups through the night. A pair of flat shoes, if your bag is big enough, will be a welcome change at the end of the night.

Just remember to enjoy it, and have a great night!

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