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It can be a difficult situation when you feel that your other half is not as well dressed as they could be, or as fashionable as you would like them to be. If you can imagine your partner looking much more stylish and on trend if they were to alter their fashion sense, to keep up with your fashionista ways, then you have probably wondered how to tell them this without offending them. They could take it completely the wrong way and may feel as if you are trying to say you do not find them attractive anymore - which is obviously not the case - so a gentler, more subtle approach may be a good idea. 

For example, if you are both out shopping, point out clothes here and there that you think will look good on your partner. You could mention that it would look good on them, or that you have always imagined them wearing something similar. This way, you may be able to break down their resilience slowly and they could come around to the idea of wearing new things and getting rid of their old clothes.
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Another good way of transforming your other half’s fashion sense is to simply buy them new clothes. You could surprise them with a new winter jacket, for example, and state that their old one is not as thick as the new one, or that the new jacket will keep them much warmer. You could also succinctly mention that you like a certain celebrity’s dress sense, when you point them out on TV or in a magazine. Celebrities influence lots of people and it may be a good idea to find a celebrity that your other half admires or respects.

When your other half does start wearing new clothes, and changing their fashion sense, it is important to give them compliments and praise how good they look. It can be quite a daunting aspect, when you overhaul your staple wardrobe, and they may feel awkward and meek - so make sure you tell them that their new look really does work for them. You could also make them feel better by giving them funny gifts, or unique ones like cheap custom bobbleheads, to show your appreciation for how good they look.

Once your other half becomes comfortable with their new style, it may see them rise in confidence and be prepared to try more things that they may not have had the confidence to do before. For example, they may feel as if they can now go to the trendy bars and clubs that you have spoken about, and may branch out into meeting new friends and taking up new hobbies.

It is always a good thing, to take the opportunity to change something which you feel could be better. Remember, though, do not force your partner to change their style - it is more of subtly nudging them into trying out new fashions and clothes, so that they can become more confident and you can become happier.

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  1. change is good for the better :)

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