9 Fashion Apps You Need Now

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We can all use some fashion advice from time to time and there’s a whole world of apps out there waiting to accommodate our needs. Whether you need a shopping assistant, fashion consultant or just someone to hunt down best prices for a certain piece of clothing, there’s an app to help you. In this article, we’ll mention nine fashion apps that will change the way you look at fashion and make your life so much easier in many aspects.

1. Stylect

Shoes, shoes everywhere! This should be the motto of Stylect, the app that deals primarily with footwear. Practically anything you can dream up and afford can be found through Stylect and when you’ve got over 350,000 models to choose from, chances are that you will find whatever it is you’re looking for. True, browsing can take ages with so many choices, but all that shoe beauty is neatly stacked in categories for your convenience. Even if you’re looking to splurge on a new pair of Louboutins, you don’t have to run around looking for them, you can simply order them through the app and wait impatiently until they arrive to your doorstep.

2. Polyvore

There are days when we try out different styles and combinations with enjoyment and then there are days when we just can’t spare that much time to choose what are we going to wear. In the latter case, you can turn to Polyvore for inspiration, as this app allows you to combine pieces of clothing from different designers in one virtual space. You can check just how well something would go when matched, and if it doesn’t look good, you can turn to other fashionistas in Polyvore community for some interesting suggestions. There are many app users that post their daily picks regularly, so you can draw your inspiration from them, should yours fail you.

3.Like to Know.it

If you’re an avid admirer of Instagram fashion bloggers (and who isn’t?), then Like To Know is an app right up your alley. As you know, bloggers always put shopping links next to their photos, so that their followers could find selected pieces of clothing more easily, and this app enables you to get emails with a link, which will then lead you directly to the product you want to buy. After you’ve considered whether you want to buy that particular item, you’re a few clicks away from owning the exact same thing that your fashion muse wore. Just be careful with your online payment security, as sometimes you can get phishing emails and scam attempts that will try to rush you into sharing your credit card information, so be cautious.

4.The Hunt

You’ve probably seen a piece of clothing on a celebrity that you’re dying to have, but there was no way for you to discover who designed it and where you can find it. The Hunt was made to solve this problem, and so far the community around this app is only growing. The only thing you need to do is post a picture of the thing that caught your eye, and wait for someone in the know to tell you where exactly you can hunt it down. The app is useful to have in hand if you fiercely follow what fashion influencers are wearing and you can even meet some new friends with common interests in the community.


Etsy is a dream come true for all the fashion lovers out there who aren’t afraid to experiment with more daring pieces of clothing, as well as some unique accessories. The beauty of this app hides in the fact that it isn’t strictly reserved for fashion, but its horizons expand to gifts, home decorations and pretty much anything unconventional. Clothing is just a part of the repertoire here, but you can be sure that the clothes you find on Etsy will definitely attract attention wherever you go.

6. Mr Porter

Being a man in search of his unique style isn’t necessary easy, especially if you don’t even know where to start from. Mr Porter is one of the rare apps reserved for men’s fashion and just by looking it at it, you can see that it was designed for men. You will easily find your way around this app and gain access to many different styles of clothing, footwear and accessories alike. The number of apparel brands around the app is growing with each passing day and Mr Porter is an excellent starting point for everyone that wants to look stylish and poise in whatever they’re wearing.

7.FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

This doesn’t concern your clothing and style directly, but it very much concerns the way you express yourself about fashion. There are some fine lines in fashion industry which aren’t always understandable to everyone, which is where FAD steps in. If you’ve got any dilemma about an expression, fabric or anything else that concerns fashion world, chances are that this fashion dictionary can offer you some insight. You don’t want to be uninformed and to avoid it, consult FAD whenever necessary.

8. Pose

Weather is one of the most important influences to what we are going to wear and the creators of the Pose app were very aware of it. This app gives you ideas on what you could wear based on what’s the weather like. This is perfect for all those mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed, when choosing what to wear can become a chore. Consult Pose for some interesting suggestions, incorporate them with your own style and the way you feel about yourself on a particular day. What’s more, if you need an outfit for a special occasion, you can also turn to Pose, it will provide you with enough inspiration to choose wisely.

9. Poshmark

If you’re that one friend that keeps borrowing clothes from friends, you will like Poshmark very much. Instead of browsing through a particular brand’s apparel, you can step right into the closet of any community member that’s also active in using the app. Here, people sell their clothes and are willing to buy yours in case they like it of course. Think of Poshmark like an online thrift shop, where you can get some great stuff and for a great price too.

Whenever you’re too beat to go shopping and walk miles to find that perfect dress, fashion apps can make all the difference. We’re not saying, get lazy and do everything from home, but sometimes it’s nice to pamper yourself, and these fashion apps allow you to gain some new perspective into the fashion world, as well as score bargains on designer pieces. – By Adam Ferraresi

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