Yes, You Can Bounce Back From A Cocktail Party Catastrophe: Here’s How

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So you’re throwing a cocktail party for a hundred of your nearest and dearest, what could go wrong? Well, quite a lot actually. Aside from the usual party disasters that even the most confident of people would cringe at, a few embarrassing situations could leave you feeling deflated and just done!

But, fear not, there’s not an awful lot of things that you can’t bounce back from. Even the most awkward incidences can have a funny side. Can’t they? Well, these problems sure are shameful, but even they can be survived!
You Split Your Skirt
It’s hard enough to survive the weekend as a parent without having a massive mess-up on your hands. So when your skirt splits or you dress comes undone, you just want the ground to open up and swallow you whole. How could you ever show your face again? Your entire family, friendship circle, office and neighbourhood just found out that you like star printed pants and how do you get over that? By taking it lightly of course. You might case that you had one too many cakes at Christmas, but they won’t. Forget it, they will. Laugh along and then quickly get changed.

The Punch Gets Spiked
One minute, you’re all laughing and joking, enjoying the drinks selection and the next minute, Uncle Jim decides to top up the punch. He might be able to stomach a lot more vodka than the average Joe, but that doesn’t give him the right to amp up the alcohol. When this happens, damage control is crucial. If you can smell it from across the room, quickly switch it out and hide the extra vodka bottles. If it’s too late and guests are slurring, it’s time to start calling cabs and pretending it’s midnight.

You Forget To Put The Food Away
A cocktail party is there to be enjoyed. So, of course, you’re not expected to stand back and be sober while your guests enjoy themselves. But, don’t take it too far and forget you're the host. If you have a martini too many and end up passing out on the couch, it’s likely that the food will be left out. And what happens when food gets left out? Rats! If (and when) it happens, don’t panic. The sight of them might freak you out, but head to a site like and call in the experts quick. They’ll be gone before anyone else is up.

Your Grandad Flirts With Your Boss
Perhaps he didn’t realise what was wrong with it, or she didn’t even mind in the first place, but when your Grandad starts to get a little too cosy to your boss, it’s time to intervene. You have visions of her storming out or calling you into her office first thing Monday morning, absolutely appalled. But there’s no need to let it get that far. Go over and distract them both. Blame it on some made up condition and let that be that. And go easy on Grandpa. The poor old boy was just trying his luck. Can you blame him?

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