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Christmas is getting nearer! I know you're probably Christmas shopping these days for gift exchanges and whatnot. It's always great to shop as early as now to avoid the rush. And with Christmas coming just around the corner, parties and events are everywhere. Are your dresses ready for the holiday parties? Flaunt what you've got by carefully selecting dresses that best compliments your body. Strut the most trendy holiday dresses and create a good lasting impression.
Formal parties and events are everywhere when it's Christmas. Whether you are going to a company party, a batch reunion or a formal family gathering, it is important to wear according to the occasion. Formal events requires formal dresses. Formal events scare most of us because wearing a formal dress needs thorough preparation. From makeup, hair, shoes, accessories and most importantly the dress. In most formal parties, long dresses are preferable which can be really expensive. But girls, there are a ton of options to save bucks while still looking all glam. 

I always recommend looking up online. There are lots of cheap maxi dresses you can find that are perfect for formal events. Which are way cheaper and more trendy that you can find in malls and stores. 
Loving these four gorgeous dresses from FashionMia

You guys all know how obsesses I am with all things black and white. Hence these black dresses. But I bet you love them too. Especially the black with gold sparkles on. Doesn't it scream holidays and Christmas? 

If you're more of the white type of gal, then maybe you'd like this lovely white maxi dress I found from Stylewe. I have mentioned this brand before and they really have cute and beautiful women dresses and other items.
 This dress has that retro vibe because of the pattern and it immediately caught my attention. The 90's style is totally back! and this dress is just one of the many proof to that. Loving this dress to bits!
Found this modern and sleek white dress from Stylewe too. Love the clean crisp look of this dress. Side note, if you're also looking for the perfect gifts for Thanksgiving day (Christmas is the season of thanksgiving!), Stylewe has a lot of items in store for you!

Formal events aren't strictly for long dresses only. Let's face it, long gowns can be a little tricky to pull off but hey, they look the most elegant when worn on parties. As they say, beauty has a price. And for girls who prefer less effort while still looking formal and event ready, formal shift dress is a great option for girls who are not a big fan of long gowns. 
Don't you feel the holiday spirit more with these colors? I feel the holiday and cold season with these trench coat-like dresses.
This last dress might look a bit too casual for holiday events but I think that with a good pair of sparkly heels and right amount of accessories this velvet dress will be the perfect holiday dress this year!

These are just some of the many gorgeous dresses we can wear for this holiday season. Let me know in the comments section down below which ones are your favorite! <3 Happy holidays!

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