The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For HER

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It's that time of the year when we share our blessings to other people especially to the ones close to our hearts, our family and friends. Christmas is just about to come and if you have not shop yet, you better shop now because people are gonna run to the mall and shop for gifts a few days from now. Talk about the Christmas rush. Shop as early as now you guys. But if you don't have the luxury of time to hop from one mall to another, then shop online. You better shop online now so it will be delivered in your doorsteps right in time for Christmas.
And in case you don't know, I'm quite an expert in online shopping (self proclaimed LOL). So I suggest, buy only on legit online stores. There are tons of fake and scam online shops in the internet that you don't ever want to encounter. 

Buying gifts for guys are no brainer. Guys aren't as sensitive and detail oriented like us girls so it's not gonna a problem buying them gifts. Besides, you only have a few choices as to what to buy. But if you're giving gifts to your mom, sister or girl friends then you will most likely need help. Here I gathered a bunch of cool gift ideas for girls dearest in your hearts. I also linked where you can find them so you can just simply click these cool gift items and add to your carts!

1. Skullcandy Knockout |  2. LG Mini Portable Mobile Printer | 3. External Sync Rechargeable LED Flash | 4. Baublebar X Frends Headphones

Girls are techy too. If you want to give an out of the box gift idea, then you might want to give her a cool gadget. If your girl bestie loves to take selfies, boost up her selfie game! Give her this cool external led flash that she can attach to her phone so she can take well lighted selfies even at night. A cool key holder and quality headphones are good gift ideas too. For your sister who loves photography and wants to cherish memories, you need to give her a mini portable printer where she can instantly print photos directly from her phone! Cool right!? I bet you would want to have one too.


There isn't a girl who doesn't want to receive a makeup or beauty item. Give your bestie a whole new set of makeup brushes! who doesn't need a bunch of brushes and sponge? And to level up your sister's makeup game, you might want to give her a beautiful highlighting palette or a long lasting lip tint to give her that instant glow and kissable lips. An effective hair straightener will also be a great gift idea! 


Well, you can basically give anything cute in terms of fashion. A cute kimono, bag and a handy multipurpose purse are great gift items any girl will surely love. And I thought, a sweet scented body mist from Victoria secret is also a must. Because who doesn't love VS? :)

For book lovers, you can check out book stores near you! If your best friend is a big fan of famous Pinay blogger Kryz Uy, no other Christmas present can make her happy than giving her a copy of her idol's book! 

- 2017 Planner
- Water Bottle
- Calligraphy Set
- Devotional Book for 2017
- Phone Case
- Gift Card
- A box of her favorite chocolate
- Makeup brush cleaner

That's it. I thought all these are cool gift ideas. I hope you like them as well and I hope I have helped you on what possible gifts can you give. I personally love these items. And honestly all these are my wishlist. hint hint! 

Have a great day ahead!

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