Floral Summer Dresses

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What could be more summery than floral dresses!? You probably think I'm not in the right mind blogging about summer dresses when it's currently winter in most areas of the world. Well, then this post isn't for you. But for those who live in the tropical countries like I do, summer dresses work perfectly all year round even in the rainy season. 

In this post, I gathered these pretty Summer Dresses NZ which are totally to die for! If you're having a summer party or event then these lovely dresses are just perfect for any occasion. Check these out.
Summer Asymmetry Evening Sweep/Brush Prom Celebrity Zipper-up Off-the-Shoulder Dress
For formal summer events, this elegant black floral dress will suit well. Loving the sleek top design and how it balances the floral detail of the skirt.

For casual summery events, then these two pastel floral dresses will work perfectly. These are best to wear on daylight. By the way if you're wondering, I found these gorgeous dresses at 

So if you love these dresses, check their site out and find more designs and styles that you're looking for!


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