Cheap But Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner, and like a lot of people you might be hosting a party. However, unless you’re one of those old school die-hard goths, your interior probably doesn’t look all that spooky. Understandably, you may want your interior to look the part, but don’t have the time or money to make it a full-blown creepy castle. Fortunately, there are some cheap, easy and effective ways you can make your home perfect for your Halloween party. Here, I’ve listed some of my favorite home décor ideas that will get your home ready for Halloween. Enjoy!
First of all, ghostly bottles. Like any good host, you’ll probably be supplying at least some of the drinks for your guests. Around this time of year, a lot of companies start releasing their own “Halloween edition” bottles. By and large, this is done very lazily, with a label that’s identical aside from a few bats and pumpkins dotted around the edges. Halloween bottles that are actually decent tend to contain obscure ales that few people will actually like. Fortunately, you can make your own in a few easy steps. Simply stock up on all the beer and wine you’re going to serve, spray-paint the bottles white, and then use a black permanent marker to draw a ghostly face on them. These are incredibly easy to make, and will make a lovely, unique touch to your drinks table. Just remember to write the brands on the bases though!

If those ghost bottles were too easy for you, then here’s an idea that goes a little further: spider’s web coasters. I’m sure the bottles will go down a storm, but you’re going to have some plain old cups and glasses dotted around the party as well. You can add a ghoulish tint to by leaving out some spindly coasters. All you need for this is some bobby pins, a metal washer and some string. Glue the bobby pins so that they’re sticking out from the hub of the washer, and then wrap the string around them in the style of a spider’s web, threading them through the eye of each pin. Use the white spray-paint you have left over to make them actually look like web, and glue on some cheap plastic spiders as a finishing touch.
Another easy way to get your home Halloween-ready is by throwing in some vintage décor. It’s a universal fact that old things are creepy. If you’ve ever visited some old manor house or a European castle, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The architecture might be stunning and the halls might be filled with fascinating curiosities, but that fact that it’s so old naturally makes you less at-ease. This is something you should certainly be taking advantage of! If you’ve got any old, musty furniture in your attic, consider giving them a quick clean and bringing them downstairs. You’ll need some extra seats for the party anyway. Candles melting over brass tapers are another great way to make the whole party a little more archaic and creepy. You may have some old candle sticks already lying around. If not, I’m sure you can pick them up at a local second hand store. Vintage light bulbs are another little change which can be extremely effective. If you really want to scrimp, why not print off some creepy black-and-white photographs and put them in your photo frames for one night.

If you’re planning to serve food at your party, then you’ll already have the drinks and coasters sorted with my first two tips. However, there’s another simple but effective way to make your table even spookier; vampire-themed napkins and napkin rings. Buy some cheap napkins, or pull out the ones you have now if you were planning to replace them. Then, get some inexpensive red drink, and use it to splash a few “bloodstains” into the fabric. After that, run out to any superstore and buy some of those tacky plastic vampire fangs that seem to be everywhere. While these look terrible as part of a costume, they make fantastic napkin rings in combination with the bloodstains.

As with any home décor project, you can’t forget the walls. I came across an incredible DIY idea on The Graphics Fairy which you may want to rip off. All you need for this is a few embroidery hoops (usually under two dollars each), some cheap fabric, a sheet of sticky-back label paper and a printer. There’s a trick to printing onto fabric, so make sure you read this post before you try it yourself and get frustrated. When you’re all done, it will be hard to believe how cheap and easy the process was. Unless you want to use the embroidery hoops afterwards, be sure to hold onto these spooky wall hangings and use them for next year!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without candy, so make sure you’re leaving yours out in the right way. These days, you’re probably seeing more and more candy that’s suddenly had a Halloween theme slapped on the packaging. Sure, this does a little to add to the whole spirit of the night. However, I’m sure you can do a little better! One great idea is making your own wicked witch’s shoe candy dishes. Again, this is incredibly cheap and easy to make, and looks great when you get it right. Just get some of your cheaper heels, wrap them in sparkly black paper, and add buckles in gold craft paper. Fill them up with candy, then let them sit there and amaze your friends!

While I love being creative with my home décor, there’s one classic feature which you certainly shouldn’t neglect; the humble jack-o-lantern. I remember going to parties that had been decorated wonderfully, but were lacking that all-important grinning pumpkin. Having a Halloween party without a jack-o-lantern is like coming to your family’s house on Christmas day and finding that there’s no tree! Be sure to have at least one in the house or on the porch, and be as creative as you like with your design!

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