Why We Should Break The Taboo Around Cosmetic Surgery

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There’s no doubt plastic surgery is becoming more widely accepted. The Kylie Jenner lip craze, for example, has sent everyone into a frenzy for bigger lips in 2016. Excellent cosmetic surgery treatments are being developed all the time, which means that more people than ever can get the look they’ve always wanted. But there is still some stigma attached to cosmetic surgery, with some people feeling strongly against it. This may lead to others feeling be put off having it done, or feel as though they have to keep it a secret. Providing surgery is done safely by a licensed surgeon, it’s been adequately planned and considered and isn’t being performed on someone who's underage- what's the problem? Here are some of the reasons why we should break the stigma around cosmetic surgery.

It can resolve life long insecurities

Some people have lived with insecurities since early childhood. Perhaps they were bullied about their nose, their chin, or dislike a part of their body so much that it significantly impacts their day to day life. When people have insecurities, it can affect things like relationships. In some cases they might even struggle with general interaction with other people. If there’s a surgery available that can correct the issue they are facing, who is anyone to tell them that it’s ‘wrong’ to do so? Put yourself in their shoes, if you had something you disliked or had been bullied about for your whole life- wouldn’t you resolve it if you were able to? While it’s important for us all to love and accept ourselves as much as possible, realistically that’s not always an option. It isn’t really for anyone to tell others that they should 'get over it' with their insecurities, and learn to love themselves instead!

It can improve health

Some cosmetics procedures can actually improve the overall health of the patient. In the cases of breast reductions, for example, the weight removed from the chest can be beneficial for the back and posture. Some nose jobs can improve how well people can breathe. In these cases cosmetic surgery kills two birds with one stone. 

It can help people achieve their ideal body shape when diet and exercise can’t

Some people, even with the correct diet and exercise, are unable to lose stubborn fat on areas of their body. The frustrating thing for these people is they’re already at their goal weight. However, they're just not able to progress further with diet and exercise alone. Liposuction can remove these pockets of fat. It allows people who have worked so hard for their shape finally achieve the figure they’ve always wanted. A professional such as Dr. Jan Zemplenyi board certified smart liposuction surgeon will have the skills and experience needed to perform the procedure. Loose skin removal is another cosmetic surgery that can massively boost people’s confidence. After spending months (years in some cases) dieting and losing weight, people can find they’re left with loose skin. The time, effort and sheer willpower these people have put in to lose the weight is incredibly inspiring. So why shouldn’t they have a procedure done, to finally give them the results they’re after? 

Some people do take cosmetic surgery too far, which admittedly can be a problem for them. However, for the most people, it can be a life changing procedure which gives them the confidence to finally be who they want to be. We should lift people up, and encourage them to be the best version of themselves not knock them down and make them feel as though surgery is in any way ‘bad’! Because let's face it, what anyone decides to do to their body really is no-one else's business.

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