The Ultimate Travel Accessories For Seamless Journeys

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Travel like a seasoned pro with accessories that will make your life easier while you’re away from home. We all want to travel in the most effortless way possible, but we often overpack and end up being a bit disorganised. Have a look at the travel accessories below that will make your journey and adventure a lot simpler.


These are the ultimate earphones for a comfortable snooze on a long journey or in your hotel room. They are great for planes and trains. CozyPhones feature cushioned removable speakers with a long cable and a comfortable, washable headband. The headband can also double up as a sleep mask. The earphones are fully padded so no more uncomfortable ear holes. Great when you are traveling solo too, and want the company of music, audiobook or even white noise.

Luxury Travel Wallet

If you want to look like the most luxurious of travelers, invest in a beautiful leather travel wallet. Not only will it look super plush, but it will also organize your boarding pass, currency, passport and tickets into separate compartments for easy access. If you are travelling to the United States, you will also need to get an ESTA. You can find out more about this crucial visa waiver right here at Although this is electronic, it is always good to carry a paper version of things like this. And a travel wallet is the perfect place to keep these documents all together. There are many countries that require other visas too for travel, so always make sure you have the necessary documentation well in advance. And always carry a paper copy incase anything goes wrong.

Designer Travel Adaptor

It’s always frustrating when you reach another country, and you realize the plug sockets aren’t the same as back home. All hell breaks loose if you you can’t charge your phone! Stop buying travel adaptors in a last minute panic at the airport. Instead, buy a beautiful designer one that you’ll definitely remember to take everywhere you go. Mulberry do a super luxe adaptor set that comes in a lovely leather case in pink, brown or black. It features adaptors for UK, China, US and Australia and Europe. This also makes a great Christmas gift for travel loving friends!


We love the nifty little goTenna as a gadget that gives you the ability to get text and GPS on your phone even if there is no service available. It’s perfect if you are at a festival, on vacation or on a hike where there is no service. It works by using radio waves to send messages and GPS location info to other goTenna users in the surrounding areas. It’s really great to have at hand in case of emergencies. The system is sold in pairs so you can have one for you and one for your traveling chum to use.

Nyrius 12 Language Translator (Speaking)

If you are traveling abroad to a country where you don’t know the language, the Nyrius 12 Language Translator is a must-have gadget. It cross-translates everything from English to French and Spanish to Mandarin Chinese. There are over 8,000 travel phrases loaded into the translator and it both speaks and displays the translated phrase for you.

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