The Definitive Guide To Rocking The 90’s Look

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The 90's fashion look is everywhere right now. Denim, neon dyed hair, and clunky shoes are dominating the stores. Below I look at essential pieces you will need to rock this look. 


Ok, so the 90’s loved denim! Jeans or shorts if you weren't rocking the denim look, then you just went in fashion. That means it's pretty easy for us to replicate this is 2016. Go for aged, stone wash denim for an authentic feel. Or you can try an acid wash denim for a more modern update that fits with the 90’s look well.

You should be looking for an oversized fit that is full of tears and holes, to be held up with a belt. Or a high waisted tighter look, still replete with holes and tears from that rock and roll vibe. Shorts should finish high on the thigh, and baggy legged jeans with a smaller waist look great with a vest, crop tops, and plaid. 


Plaid is big at the moment. Especially as we come into the FW season. Plaid is relaxed and warm, but it also has those 90’s connotation and edge. Anyone trying to pull off this look should get a plaid shirt like the ones available here. (Also here is a Charlotte Russe promo codes to help you save on your shop - your welcome :), ) If you have a warm skin tone got for the traditional red. While if your skin tone is cooler the green and blue plaid looks best. 


An oversized boxy jacket is pretty much a 90’s fashion staple. Think traditional denim or a bomber jacket here. Camo, satin, and lace all work well too. Just remember to go for that square silhouette. 


Lace was big in SS16 and will continue to be big in FW16. Mostly you will see the use of lace in vest tops, and as panels in other items of clothing. Fitted dresses with lace panels are a good way of channeling that 90’s vibe in a more formal way. A layer lace top over denim and combined with plaid is a great way to rock it normally and get that grunge vibe. 


Throughout the 90’s there was a lot of use of flowers in prints, patterns and as decoration. Small flower prints are ideal for dresses which can be combined with chunky shoes and jewelry for a more edgy look. You can also get cool flower garlands to wear in your hair. Team with round mirrored sunglasses for a real nod to 90’s festival fashion. 


One of the most difficult things to when pulling off the 90’s fashion trend is the accessories. A lot of things that were genuinely popular in that era have fallen by the wayside. You don't often see plastic dummy necklaces or tiny undersized backpacks anymore (thank goodness)! 

However, you can get plenty of gothic and yin yang jewelry which is perfect for completing your 90’s outfit. Check out shops like Claire's accessories for bargain finds. Or if you can wait for postage auction site like eBay also have their fair share too.

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