European Places To Buy Property Where You Can Find Rest And Relaxation

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If there is one thing that you can spend years trying to decide upon, it is where to buy property abroad. Whether it is your first or tenth property, the world is such a big place, and making the all important decision can be tricky.

Of course, you already know to think about things like your budget and the places distance from your main home. But how much thought have you given to what your main priorities are?

For many of us, property abroad is a place we want for rest and relaxation. Take Marrakech, or New York City. While wonderful cities, they are also loud, and busy, and bustling. While a home there might be utterly wonderful, if it’s R&R you’re needing, they won’t do.

For that reason, in this guide, we’ll run down three places in Europe that are ideal if this is your priority. We’ll journey from Provence, in France, to Treviso, in Italy, and finally to the coastal district of Devon, in the United Kingdom. 

Provence, France
Stretching across part of France, towards the Italian border and with the Med as its sea, Provence is a unique and special part of France. Provencal houses are true beauties, masterpieces of French history and architecture. Characterized by its breathtaking and expansive field of lavender, Provence is a truly special pocket of France. You can choose from quaint farmhouses and cottages to more modern builds. The pretty villages that you’ll find yourself looking in will charm you into a luxurious and calming way of French living. Christian Dior owns property here. What recommendation do you need other than that!?

Treviso, Italy
While it might be a neighbor of the utterly frenetic city of Venice, Treviso manages to maintain its slower pace of life even today. Property prices are generally lower here, but you give up very little in exchange for not being in Venice. Indeed, you gain a lot too. One of Italy's best kept secrets, this place is beautiful, serene and authentic. It is never crowded with tourists, and yet offers coffee shops and river views to rival its neighbor. A river runs through much of Treviso, and the properties around here are utterly stunning. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’ll find it here. Spend a weekend at your property strolling around the fish market and fruit and veg markets. Then, go and get lost in the quaint alleyways and streets! 

Devon, UK
Unlike Treviso, Devon in the UK isn’t much of a secret whatsoever. Many flock here each year for its natural beauty and fine weather. However- thankfully- it is more than large enough to still hold pockets with more than enough room for property buyers. Take the small town of Croyde, for example. You’ve got a huge Blue Flag beach, with a great surfing and watersports scene. Within walking distance is the charming little town of Croyde itself, with its thatched pubs and local businesses. Properties here aren’t the cheapest, but as you can see, the kind of relaxed lifestyle you get in exchange makes it more than worth it.

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