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Hey guys! Summer break has officially ended and I know for most of you, you're busy right now shopping for back to school. Personally, I don't give much effort with back to school shopping especially when it comes to supplies. I don't really care that much about what pen or notebooks I get. The only thing I am picky is about bags.

I am pretty sure you guys will agree that it's the bag that actually makes a difference. And if you live in the province like me, you don't wanna shop around town or else you'll have the same bag as your classmates probably have. I've been there and it happened all the time.

And as I always say, if you ask me I am gonna be certain that it's best to shop online. If you guys still have time to wait for the shipping, I recommend you try to visit . I am a huge fan of their site and probably the best one so far. I found lovely bags that I thought are perfect for back to school. So I decided to look around their site and picked my favorites so I could share them to you. Take a look.

Bag to School3
I found these cute bags that I thought are perfect for some of you who are the girly-princessy type. These are absolutely the bags for you! This isn't only perfect for high school but even for college students too. These are medium sized bags which means you can fit a lot of school essentials inside. Not to mention, the style and color suits well with your girly personality.

Bag to School2

For those who are more conservative and has edgy style, these bags definitely suit you. These bags don't have over the top nor super girly prints. I will personally pick one from these bags if I were to go back to school. 
Bag to School1
These bags on the other hand are perfect for those who have loud personalities. The loud print and color definitely represents your personal style. These are medium sized unisex bags which I thought are perfect for high school students especially those who have tons of books and notebooks to bring. These can also be used for college.

So those are my top picks. If you guys prefer handbags than backpacks, Stylewe also have unique handbags for you. So definitely check their site out. Also you might want to check their blog and Youtube channel for more tips and info. Links down below.

StyleWe YouTube:

StyleWe Blog

That's it for now. Hope you guys have a lovely day!

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