Favorite Stylewe Crop Tops

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Stylewe Crop Tops
Stylewe Crop Tops by emmerey on Polyvore
I've been kind of obsessed with high waist jeans and skirt. Well, mainly because it hides my belly fats lol. Another thing, it's just undeniably flattering and quite trendy too. Along with my liking to high waist bottoms, comes the need for cute crop tops.

I have been looking around the net for crop tops and I have not found the perfect crop tops to my liking not until I saw Stylwe. Styelwe is basically an online shop that sells both men and women's clothing.They also have a ton of options for men's and women's shoes, bags and accessories. They feature amazing original clothing items by independent fashion designers.

Well, Stylewe emailed me personally to take a look a their items. And when I checked their site, I fell in love! I found so many cute clothing items especially crop tops that fits my style. Simple, edgy but elegant at the same time.

You know me, black and white clothing items are my aesthetics. I can basically pair them with anything in my closet! I just think these crop tops are simple but super edgy at the same time. 

I have been eyeing on tribal and floral printed tops and dresses lately. I'm basically still on my summer spirit! it's not already summer here from where I live but because it's summer in the places where my favorite Youtube gurus live, I am influenced by their season trends. These cute printed tops are to die for! I love that they're not overly printed and that it creates a good balance of color and pattern.

Korean style has conquered the world! they're very unique and surprisingly cute! who would ever think a sleeping top could be worn on a regular basis outside the house?! only Koreans! and because I'm a lazy person, I just think this trend represents me well! lol kidding aside, it looks so comfy and cute! at least for me. What do you guys think?

Well of course, it's not only the crop tops that caught my attention. I found a lot of cute and comfy clothing items which you all know I love! check these out!
Stylewe Favorites

Aren't these items to die for!? oh my gosh! I couldn't even choose! Also, if you're looking for some formal elegant dresses or even prom dresses, Stylewe definitely has a ton of options for you! They are currently having their ANNIVERSARY SALE with over 900 items on 40% off! You better hurry before stocks run out!

Have a great day! Till my next post!

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