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Berlin is such a vibrant city. Its perfect for a short break as the flight isn't too long and there is lots to do in a concentrated area. Read on for my suggestions on how to spend your 48 hours wisely.

Before you go
For a weekend in Berlin, you can get away hand luggage only. Make sure you pack your swimsuit, your clubbing outfit and your travel beauty essentials. Don't forget some comfy shoes for when you are touring the sites. You'll need your European convert plug, your ehic card, and your camera as well. Just don't forget your toothbrush!

First evening
When you first arrive in Berlin, you’ll want to unpack and refresh yourself. Then it's time to hit the town. It's probably best not to book a meal for your first night in case your flight is delayed. Luckily Berlin is famed for its street food. Grab a currywurst at one of the many stalls. It's a pork sausage, served with chips and a tomatoey curry sauce. Or you could go for a traditional Turkish kebab which are also very popular and delicious. If you only fancy a light bite then grab a pretzel, which is just perfect to nibble on while you are walking round and taking in the sites.

First Day
You are going to want to make the most for your first day in Berlin. If you haven't been before, it is the perfect time to take in all the famous sights. Visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, where East and West Berlin meet. People used to have to cross this checkpoint to travel across to the other side of the city when the Berlin wall was still in effect. Now it is a fascinated museum about the history and fall of the Berlin wall.

You can also check out the Jewish Memorial and Museum. While this is a sobering trip, it does help to put into context the events of WW2, and Germany's views on them now. The memorial itself is an architectural sight. It’s designed to recreate the feelings of isolation and persecution that Jewish people felt during the Holocaust.

Second Evening
On your second evening in Berlin, you’ll probably want to experience some of the contemporary nightlife the city has to offer. There is a big dance scene here, with some world famous clubs. Try the Stattbad in an old swimming pool. Or Tresor in an abandoned power station Berlin is famed for is techno and electro music, but there are all sorts of musical treat on offer. If techno isn't your thing, why not catch a classical performance at one on the many concert halls the city boasts.

Second Day
If you have been partying the night before you'll probably need a good breakfast and a cup of coffee before you get started. Try Brot & Butter for this, in Charlottenburg. 

Then why not take in some of the world famous contemporary art galleries in Berlin. Galerie Crone and Galerie Thomas Schulte are two that are not to be missed. 

If a trip round a gallery even sounds like a bit much, then relax at one of the outdoor swimming lakes or Lidos that are popular during the summer in Berlin. You can find a guide here.

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