How To Take Care Of Your Skin On Vacation

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Going on vacation can result in all sorts of dangers for our skin. We’re spending time in a destination that we’re not used to, and the weather effects are normally radically different. Over time, bad skin protection can result in diseases such as skin cancer. Yes, we all love to spend time in the sun when we’re on vacation, but our bodies aren’t used to it! You need to keep your skin protected, so let’s go over some tips now.

Wear Sunscreen
The most important thing that you should always do when catching the sun is to put on sunscreen. Failing to do this can result in sunburn. This can then lead to sun poisoning as detailed at This isn’t only painful, but it’s incredibly dangerous for your health and your skin. Make sure you apply sunscreen properly to all the potentially affected areas. There are different factor levels of sunscreen, so make sure you pick the right type to suit your skin and the heat of the place you’re visiting.

Drink Plenty Of Water
Going on vacation means that you’ll often be spending a lot of time outdoors. As a result, you’ll become dehydrated easily, potentially causing all sorts of health issues down the line. You’ll want to make sure you keep yourself hydrated on a regular basis by drinking lots of water. Try and stay away from those fizzy drinks and alcoholic beverages that seem so tempting! They’ll actually make you feel even more dehydrated, so water and juices are always the best option. 

Stay Out Of The Sun During The Hottest Parts Of The Day
A lot of people don’t take this advice seriously, but it’s incredibly important. In particularly hot countries where the sun is beaming down during the day, you shouldn’t be in direct sunlight. Yes, this is a time when you’ll want to be outdoors, but your health is more important than having fun! You need to make sure you’re at least staying in the shade or keeping indoors during the very hottest parts of the day. Instead, try going out for a walk in the morning or the evening when the sun isn’t at its highest point. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes
It doesn’t matter whether you’re off to Spain or Greenland; you need to wear comfortable shoes. Your feet need to be protected based on the weather and terrain you’re engulfing them in. If you’re going to a particularly cold country, make sure you’ve prepared adequately. Those trainers won’t cut it here!. Similarly, if you’re going to a hot destination, don’t go wearing your big boots and fluffy socks! This is a surefire way to get blisters on your skin, which you can read more about at

Your health is important, so you must make sure that you look after your skin on vacation. After all, your skin is delicate, and such a contrast in weather conditions can affect it heavily. If you want to have a fun vacation, you’re going to need to protect yourself properly.

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