Ways to Treat Yourself After A Hard Week

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If you’ve had a tough week at work, these four ways to treat yourself are sure to chill you out and make you smile again!

A manicure
Here is the thing with our nails. They don’t have to look good to work well! In fact, whether they’re bare or dripping in glitter, they function as nails just the same. But there is something about having your nails done that just makes you feel great. Freshly manicured and painted nails seem to have the ability to bring your whole look together.

If you’ve had a stressful week and your poor nails have suffered for it, book in for a Friday night manicure. It gives you a chance to sit down and take a break; literally! You can go crazy, and plug for purple glitter with neon pink nail art! Or, just go for a classic French Manicure. Whichever you pick, invest in the extra charge for a hand and arm massage too. You deserve it! Plus, if you get them done on a Friday, they’re at their best for the weekend ahead.

A blowout
Just like pampered nails make a girl feel special, so does pampered hair. In fact, some would say even more so because your hair is such a huge part of your look. Stress can really take its toll on our hair, whether from the roots or if you’ve been tugging at it without realizing it. Go for a blowout to end your week; places like Heat lounge will accommodate you. If you fancy, pay the extra for an extra-nourishing conditioning treatment. And, like your nails, Friday is the best day to go, as you can enjoy your swishy hair all weekend. A spritz of dry shampoo on Sunday night will make it last for the first couple of days of the week too.

A takeout
We all know how important healthy eating is. However, the key is everything in moderation. This means that every now and again, it is totally okay to treat yourself to a takeout. In fact, if you’ve been eating healthily all week, it may not take its toll on you at all. Treat yourself to a pepperoni calzone from the local pizza house, or bring a steaming hot curry home. If you’re on a budget, just get the main meal from the take out and cook the rest at home. So, if you’re having pizza, don’t order a soft drink with it. Or, if you’re ordering a curry, make the rice at home while you’re waiting for it to arrive.

A movie night
Thanks to things like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are more movies at our fingertips than ever before. Make the most of this with a marathon movie night. Make yourself a box of popcorn. You could even order that takeout we mentioned above! If you start early enough, you should be able to fit in at least three! Start with the horror movie, so you have time to recover afterward. In the middle, once you’re warmed up, catch up on that Oscar-nominated flick everyone and their mom has been talking about. Make sure you end on a rom-com, so you go to bed with a smile on your face. 

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  1. Great :) Love the nails :)

  2. Great tips! These would be so great even if I didn't have a bad week. Haha!

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