Common Wedding Planning Mistakes That Could Cost You A Fortune

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No wedding goes completely according to plan and no bride is perfect. Planning a wedding often takes months or even years to organise, so it’s hardly surprising that mistakes can be made. While some of these blunders can be minor and easily fixed, others can cost a fortune to rectify. These additional costs could prevent you from creating the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of. It can be difficult to predict what possible mistakes you could make and when.

 So here are some common mistakes many brides make that you should avoid which could save you money to spend elsewhere.

Not organising an approximate guest list
This may not seem like a mistake that could cost you a fortune, but it can. While you may be eager to down a deposit on a venue straight away, it’s vital that you have an approximate guest list in place first. You could lose your deposit by choosing a venue the caters to 50 guests when in reality you need somewhere for 200 guests. Or you may spend money on a venue that is far too large for the intimate affair you have planned. Sit down with your partner to discuss how many people you intend to invite and don’t forget to include both sets of parents too. This will make it easier to book caterers and organise favours and seating plans. As well as reducing the risk of you losing valuable funds.

Forgetting to check the invites
The invitations to your wedding are arguably one of the most important factors. Without them, nobody would know the date, location and time of your ceremony and reception. Not checking your invites before they get printed or made is a costly mistake to make. There may be incorrect dates and times or they could be too difficult to read due to the design. Having to replace your wedding invites will obviously cost money which is a shame as it’s something you can easily avoid. Triple check the spelling, punctuation and details and ask someone you trust to proof-read also. Also, choose a design that is both beautiful and easily readable. Look on specialist sites such as Pure Invitation wedding invites and Bride and Groom Direct for examples and ideas.

Not shopping around
Not shopping around is a mistake that could cost you big in more ways that one. Without shopping around, you could be overspending or miss out on opportunities. For instance, you might hire a venue or photographer, only to find a cheaper and more suitable one elsewhere. Not looking for deals and alternatives means your budget soon wastes away. So it’s vital that you don’t jump in without shopping around and doing your research beforehand. This applies to almost every aspect of your wedding day and can stop you from blitzing your budget too quickly.

Planning your wedding should be an experience you relish and enjoy. So don’t spend the duration of your planning worrying about making a mistake. Just try not to act on impulse and think every decision through carefully.

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