Struggling For Ideas? Here Is Where You And Your Loved One Should Stay This Valentine's Day

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If you and your Valentine are struggling for what to do this February 14th, then perhaps this is the answer! Why not take a vacation and go and visit somewhere beautiful and romantic? Here is where you and your loved one should head to this Valentine’s Day. There’s something for everyone and every budget.

Los Angeles
Where better than sunny LA to spend Valentine’s weekend? This could be a great laugh! Be sure to rent a gorgeous apartment right in the heart of LA so that you can truly experience all that this wonderful city has to offer. Vacation rentals are a great way of thoroughly experiencing somewhere new for a short amount of time. They also offer a bit more of a personal touch than that of a hotel. You could go and have a romantic walk up to the Hollywood sign, or better yet take a tour of the Warner Brothers or Paramount studios! There is loads to do out there. You’ll definitely be able to find some of the best restaurants for you both to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s meal at on your final night, too. What are you waiting for? Book those flights, today!

Arguably the home of romance, Paris is an obvious choice for a Valentine’s weekend away. A luxury hotel room is definitely the order of the day here. Paris is famous for it’s hotels with balconies looking over the beautiful city’s skyline. Now, doesn’t that sound romantic? If you’re yet to receive a present from the man in your life, then take him down to the designer boutiques - you could land yourself quite the handbag! The evening meal certainly won’t be a struggle in Paris. The French capital is famed for its gastronomy. In the daytime, be sure to visit the Louvre museum of art, while the Eiffel Tower is also a must. There’s also the Notre Dame cathedral, too, if you fancy getting a bit spiritual! Visiting Paris is, therefore, a surefire way to Valentine’s Day success!

If you’ve got a mega budget, then why not make use of it for Valentine’s Day? Flying out to Fiji would certainly be an incredible way to show your partner that you mean business! Known for its sandy, white beaches, Fiji would be the ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of work life. If Valentine’s Day is all about distressing and spending time relaxing with the person that you love, then this is definitely the way to go. The local cuisine will be an exciting take on the traditional Valentine’s dinner, too. So, look forward to that! However, if lying on a beach all weekend is really your thing, there's an alternative. Do you still fancy the scorching hot weather and that feeling of being far from home? Then go to Malaysia! The perfect mix of urban and idyllic. In Malaysia, you’ll manage to find the perfect place to eat your special meal. This is thanks to its Malay, Indian, Chinese and European influences.
Hopefully, this post has solved your problems about where to go for Valentine’s Day with your other half this year. Pick one of these destinations and enjoy!

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  1. Hehe if only I have a lot of money, I'd definitely love to spend sometime in any of these destinations!!! :)


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