Sexy Backless Wedding Dresses From Cocomelody

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I feel like everybody right now is engaged and I need to post some sexy blackless wedding dresses because.. why not!? If you're one of the happy soon to be brides, I have some lovely wedding dresses below that I thought you might like. First of all, I am not married yet. But I know how hard it is to shop for dresses most especially for wedding dresses if you live in the province where you really don't have so much options. I feel you girl. 

So below are just a few lovely backless wedding dresses that caught my attention. Take a look.

How can you not love this dress!? I am such a huge fan of vintage wedding dresses and I just think that this dress will suit the vintage vibe because of its champagne hue and lovely lace details. Don't you think? :)

I also love this mermaid wedding dress that has a sexy back detail. This dress is pretty simple and that's what makes it elegant.

The back detail of this dress is so grand! this dress reminds me of Princess Diaries so much!
This dresses are by the way from Cocomelody. In case you have not heard of them yet (which I'm pretty sure you already have) , they sell lovely wedding dresses just like I showed above. Check their site out for more lovely wedding dresses! They currently have a huge promo right now so be sure to check them out! <3

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