How To Deal With Hair Loss: A Girl’s Guide

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For us girls, our hair is an important part of who we are. Without it, we lose confidence and our self-esteem drops significantly. While men stress about losing their hair, for us girls, it’s ten times worse. Whatever the reason for your hair loss, be it stress or illness, losing your hair can be upsetting.

The good news is that while it’s upsetting to lose your hair, there are plenty of things that you can do to make it easier to cope with. Don’t let hair loss get you down, instead, be positive and take the tips and advice below, on board.

Go wig shopping
If you don’t feel comfortable going out without your hair, think about faking it. Today, wigs are very realistic, so the chances are if you wear one, no one will know. Many celebrities choose to wear wigs to parties and events to add a little glamor to their look. So don’t be embarrassed about wearing one - they’re very in right now.

The most important thing is to opt for a human hair wig, instead of a synthetic one. These might be more expensive to buy, but they’re a lot more natural looking. Plus, because they’re made of human hair, they’re much easier to take care of.

Use hair growth shampoo and conditioner
To help your hair to grow back stronger and healthier, start using hair growth shampoos and conditioners. You’ve got lots of options when it comes to choosing which ones to use. It’s a good idea to ask your hairdresser for advice about which ones are best to use.

Aloe vera based shampoos and conditioners are meant to be fantastic for encouraging hair growth. So it might be worth giving one of these a go. Pop into your local health shop and ask the assistant which products they would recommend.

Try laser hair growth treatments
Have you ever heard of laser hair growth treatments? While up until recently this treatment was only available at special clinics, you can now treat yourself at home. Thanks to this Theradome laser hair therapy device, you can now have hair growth treatment from home. It might not come cheap, but as it’s proven to have fantastic results, it’s worth a try.

The great thing about this treatment is that it only needs to be used a couple of times a week for periods of twenty to thirty minutes. So you don’t have to stress about making time each day, you only need a few minutes twice a week.

Consider getting hair implants
If all else fails, it could be worth thinking about getting hair implants. This is a great option if you’re suffering from medium to moderate hair loss, as you need some hair to be able to be treated. While hair transplants are most commonly performed on men, they’re becoming more and more popular with women. 

The most important thing about undergoing a hair transplant is that somewhere on you head you have healthy hair. As hair follicles are taken from one part of your head and moved to another, to help encourage your hair to grow.

Check here for more great information that could be helpful for your hair loss problem. Hair loss isn’t easy to deal with, as it can really knock your confidence. However, by taking note of the tips above, you can make things easier for yourself.

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  1. My hair went from being dyed, curled, relaxed, and rebonded several times. Luckily, I didn't experience hair loss and the likes.

    Hazel, Wannderzel

    1. That's a relief. You should be careful with hair treatments. If possible, make a gap of 3-6 months before undergoing to another one


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