Elegant Bridesmaid and Mother of the Bride Dresses

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I don't know about you guys but if you can tell... wedding have evolved so much compared to before. Here in my place, wedding used to be plain and somewhat uniform. I mean, it depends on the taste of the couple on what they want their wedding to be like but personally, I'm tired of seeing bridesmaids wearing the exact same dresses and everybody wearing the exact same color.

I'm not getting married yet but if I were to I will definitely take inspiration from these lovely wedding entourage.

This is one of my favorites that I recently found online. I love that it looks dainty, somewhat vintage (but not traditional) but still modern. I love the way they played with hues and made it look cohesive despite the differences of the dress' style and color.

I also love this bridesmaid dress which as you can see can be styled in a lot of ways. You know how I love this type of dress. Saves a lot of money and time!  These dresses I just showed you are also available for plus size women. Check the plus size bridesmaid dresses category.

Who can forget the mother of the bride? no one can and no one should! because it's somehow her day too, she should be dressed quite impressive as the bride. One tip to remember is to pick a dress that is age appropriate. Better consult them before choosing one. Also, take note of their shape and size. Especially if they are plus sized, you kind of have to be sensitive and choosy about their dresses. Here are some elegant plus size mother of the bride dresses that you can pick.

I know these photos seem only for slim figures but trust me these dresses can be customized for plus sized women so don't worry about it.

How do you find my favorites? I love how the dresses above exudes style and elegance. By the way if you're wondering these dresses are the ones I just saw from Dressilyme. So if you love my favorites, you absolutely have to expect more lovely dresses at their site.

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  1. So lovely, my fave is the last dress, so gorgeous ;)

    Brina xoxo,


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